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Amazing, your best so far.

The art hugely improved from your previous animations (although I must say, what's up with Emo Goomba's hair being grey?), and the music perfectly fit the mood of every scene. The dialogue was as witty as always, too. And on a lighter note, I'm glad you didn't give Mario a voice. I'm tired of hearing everyone's crummy Mario impersonation.

Eastbeast responds:

Haha yeah I couldn't find anyone to do a decent mario voice anyway. Well thank you for a nice review to read :)

You've done it again!

Yet another hilarious animation from you. Especially loved how you used music from a wide variety of games. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I still haven't seen Avatar, so I probably didn't like it as much as I should have, but still, I likes what I sees.

Eastbeast responds:

Go See It! haha it was pretty amazing. I get the feeling because I did this people think I didn't like Avatar, but it should be cherished as a great film.

Very Entertaining.

There was a definite improvement in the art over the last installment. I loved the new characters that were introduced. The sound quality is still poor, but it doesn't make the animation any less wonderful.

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I found it... fun. Can't really give you any suggestions that haven't already been addressed, but here's some glitches I found:

-save feature is messed up. Loading gives the player's weapon infinite range/ enemies die before they show up on the map.

-occasionally got stuck inside of ferns.


I didn't experience many bugs, but I did notice one. If someone buys a magic scroll, uses it, and sells it, their money will change to "NaN", giving the person infinite money. Fun game otherwise.

Good, but...

You used a template. I would have given you a higher score if that weren't the case. But whatever, I'm not picky.
At the time of this review, I'm first place on the scoreboard, but that's not saying much since there's only a dozen other people with submitted scores. But I digress, 8/10, 3/5.

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Love it.

I especially like the lighting effects you employed on it. I marked you off one point because "an professional". Nah, I gave it that score because it's great but unremarkable.

Kinsei responds:

Hey what can I say, Having a B.A. In media arts and animation technically makes me a professional.

I am Meatbridge1. I am specialize in terrible art making. I am sorry.

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